Posted by: Sean | September 7, 2008

Appropo of nothing, Ding!

Scott Kurtz takes on the role-playing server in the current Ding! I have only two minor thoughts:

  1. I’m appreciative that he at least paints the non role-player as a jerk, but I’m distinctly thinking we’re meant to see the jerk as the relatable one, our protagonist against the stodgy, boring, dorky role-player. Is it just me?
  2. Seriously, do people really think role-players speak this way? Is the faux-medieval speak just an amusing, easy caricature of the role-player, or is this really the way a lot of people think? For God’s sakes, I think I’ve met more people playing in a Valley Girl kind of speech model than a this.
  3. Maybe I just play with weirder role-players.

I know I said only two, but the third one kind of slipped out.

Edited to fix link.


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