Posted by: blogatelle | September 5, 2008

Theme Week Announcement: Religion

Marx called it the opiate of the masses. Edmund Burke instead declared it the art and theory of the remaking of a man. Dawkins has criticised the way it’s untouchable to criticism. Swift instead argued that we either had too much of it, or too little. Religion is always a touchy subject, but it’s an essential one. In the fantasy genre, religion has often been a powerful theme, as it seems to lend into the elements of magical power and good vs. evil. World of Warcraft is no exception, with Alex Ziebart detailing expertly the many religious forces within Azeroth. But what don’t we know? Is there something about Azeroth’s religion that’s done well, or that could be done better? How does religion impact upon your character if they’re a priest, shaman, druid or paladin? What about if they’re not? Can the Death Knight be considered a religious class? How should the real world’s religion impact upon your World of Warcraft playing and role-playing, if it should at all?

If you have any thoughts about these questions or any other on the subject of religion, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at and set us up with a pitch. Who knows? Maybe it will take you one step closer to godhood.


  1. Religion is the ancient mechanism created by primitive humans to explain and deal with a scary unexplainable world. As the world evolved so did the concept and quality of religion.

    The major monotheistic and other modernly practiced religions are all based on ancient texts that describe ancient myths and legends, and which have been co-opted as a tool to control human behavior and harness it for the benefit of religious institutions.

    Edit by Blogatelle: By policy, we don’t delete posts here at Blogatelle unless they’re spam, trackbacks to our own posts, or we’re fixing things up. That said, remember — This week is purely about religion as it relates to World of Warcraft role-playing. Please be mindful of this.

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