Posted by: Sean | September 5, 2008

Fire at will! Random thoughts about weaponry.

Your class should probably inform how you treat your weapons. Classes like hunters, warriors and paladins are likely to be remarkably reverent of their weapons; I even like the idea of making a quick macro so you can clean your sword swiftly after a battle for a warrior, or re-tie a bow-string swiftly for a hunter before firing. By contrast, you get the feeling that a mage or warlock is likely to treat their weapon with barely masked disdain; they’ve learned other habits.

What’s the deal with weapon-respect in Warcraft? Obviously legendary class weapons should be treated with awe and reverence, but there’s so many epics around that it doesn’t even feel like you should notice. Normally, I’d argue that common weapons should be regarded as the tools of guardsmen and thugs, not heroes. Uncommons should mean you’re genuine, if unimpressive. Rare weapons should earn the onlooker a raised eyebrow of respect, and epics should get you long, serious looks. Legendary weapons, of course, should come with their own brand of rumors and hushed whispers. But geeze, every 70 has an epic weapon. How should we treat them?

I don’t care how you slice it. Rogues just look right with daggers. Even in a subtlety build. You can argue until the cows come home that swords are the best fit for a combat build, and that maces are the weapon of choice for subtlety. But as far as role-play is concerned, to me? Daggers are for rogues.

And warlocks, yeah. A warlock with a dagger oozes class. Not so sure about mages.

Y’know, there should be more druid daggers in the game. Druids definitely should have daggers – You can’t do ritual sacrifices without one, after all, and surely druids and sacrifices go hand-in-hand.

Who are maces for, anyway? Does a warrior look better with a mace? Nah, swords and axes are the warrior weapons. Paladins? Maybe. Priests? No, any spellcaster looks better with a staff.

And finally, I want a weapon-book; similar to weapon-shovels, weapon-rolling pins and weapon-chicken legs. Anyone from Blizzard reading? Hook me up.


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