Posted by: blogatelle | August 30, 2008

Theme Week: Romance Begins, and hello Chris!

Hi everyone! Well, we’re into our second theme week now, looking at the stuff of squishy poetry and extravagent presents. Victor Hugo once said, “Life is the flower for which love is the honey.” Mencken, on the other hand, reckoned it the “triumph of imagination over intelligence”. There’s no doubt it makes a good element for a story, the IMDB lists a whopping 4,532 films with love as a key plot element and I’m frankly surprised its so low. But if all is fair in love and war, does love work in World of Warcraft? Is romance a good choice for roleplay? We want to know your opinion. Send it to us at and we’ll set you up with a guest column.

Also, helping us with the amorĂ© this week is Chris. You may remember him from his guest post last week and we’re pleased to have him join the team proper this week. Please give him your welcomes below, and keep reading.


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