Posted by: Sean | August 27, 2008

Random Sleepy Insomnia Thoughts from the Bus GO!

Over the last three nights, I think I’ve had maybe eight hours sleep. Given I think I should have that much every night, I’m kind of tired. I don’t know what it is; my body simply is refusing to shut down at the end of the day ? Too jittery and restless. Add to this that I usually do all my blogging from the bus on my laptop, and you’ve got a tailor-made system for distraction and confusion. There is no theme to my blogging today, no organizing principle. I even refuse to promise it will make any sense. OK! Choco party, good good! Let’s go!

  • Descripton pet peeve ? Showing us hidden things. Seriously, why do people do this? You see it all the time with rogues in particular, noting how many hidden knives they have on their person at any time. They’re hidden, why the hell are they in your description? Not to mention that they’re usually also wearing skintight leather or something else ridiculous. How the hell are you hiding all these daggers if you’re wearing skintight leather clothing?
  • Actually, now that I think about it: What would be a good robe for a human rogue to wear if he wanted to look like an assassin? Something black, obviously. I wonder if I could find a robe with good statting; probably not. Cloth rarely has agility. Shame, though, that would look awesome. Ideally with a good hood. Black robes, black hood, not terrible statting. Comments go!
  • Simming Warcraft: Either The Sims is eating my brain and stopping me from sleeping or somehow my lack of sleep is making it impossible for me to play Warcraft (or they’re unrelated, but hush, this is more fun,)  but for whatever reason, I’ve played very little Warcraft of late and played a lot of The Sims 2 instead. It’s intriguing to think about Warcraft in Sims terms. What kind of schooling, for example, do Night Elves get? What about gnomes? I always imagine gnome schooling as being really punch-card based, filled with tiny gnomish children in front of card readers. What does an orc house look like, and what is the awesome luxury they really want to buy for it? What is a day to day life like for your average Tauren? I want answers, Blizzard! I want some social notes!
  • Simming Warcraft 2: That said, you know what? The Sims aspiration system isn’t that bad a thing to apply to your characters. Every teen to adult Sim has an aspiration type, showing what basic kind of drive they have as a person. These are Pleasure, Popularity, Romance, Family, Knowledge, and Career Wealth (thanks Jess!). Which of these goals does your Sim have? Or do we need to invent more? Could Community Service be one, for instance? I’m not sure, my brain’s too fuzzy to quite know for sure if this is a great idea, or a dreadful one.
  • Chat Logs: Seriously, I want a good chat log addon. Something that will basically copy everything said in Guild Chat into one text file whenever I log off, with a filename based on the date and time. And will do the same for /say and /yell in another. Anyone know of a good one? Once more, please comment if you do.

That’s enough for today. With any luck, I’ll get enough sleep tonight to write up a proper post tomorrow. Again, I apologise.


  1. hmmm…I remember “the sims” on C64 or was that called “computer people”?

  2. hold on, we’re the people “computer people” was referring to! we’re all stuck in a virtual reality and we don’t know it!

  3. Wealth, not Career.

    Otherwise, that’s good memory.

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