Posted by: blogatelle | August 16, 2008

Why blogatelle?

Because “Diablog” was taken.

Bagatelle. n. A game similar to billiards, in which players must direct balls around obstacles to land them in scoring pots.

Welcome to Blogatelle. Blogatelle aims to be a new resource for World of Warcraft roleplayers, looking at lore, the game itself, and outside experience to provide useful advice and perspectives on roleplaying in Azeroth. With any luck, we’ll highlight some of the obstacles that make roleplay difficult, show you how to direct multiple elements into a single whole, and score a few shots along the way. Much like Warcraft, we’re a multiplayer perspective here. I’ll let all the bloggers (so far only two, but that will increase shortly,) introduce themselves, but I speak for all of us when I say we think roleplaying is too big a field to have only one person talk about it. Hopefully we’ll fight, argue, and discuss a hell of a lot.

Bagatelle. n. A short, light piece of music.

Hopefully, we won’t be too heavy here. We hope to keep the focus light and fun to read. One phrase you will never hear here is, “You’re doing it wrong.” There is no wrong in roleplaying, much as even I’d love to disagree sometimes. When you’re roleplaying and having fun, everyone wins. What we hope to do is to keep that fun going, both here and when you play, for both you and for those you play with. We believe that the ultimate point of any game is to enjoy it.

Bagatelle. n. A literary technique in which a main character is given knowledge or capability he or she could not possess in order to illuminate the reader.

We don’t know everything. That’s why Blogatelle is always going to have a very generous reader guest blogging policy. Each week we hope to have a theme here at Blogatelle. Not everything will be about that theme, but each of our regular bloggers will make at least one post on the theme. We will notify you of those themes ahead of time, giving you readers a chance to chip in with your own insights by emailing We will review all submissions and include the best here.

That’s enough for now. Hope you enjoy!



  1. Hello! I realize it’s a bit ridiculous to post so late and on such an early thread, but I’ve only recently stumbled onto this site. I’m working on reading my way through from this very first post all the way through to the most recent post.

    I run a guild on Feathermoon dedicated to hardcore RP. I’m very interested to read more on your site and I’d be interested if you’re looking for guest writers. I have written for multiple sites, maintain my own LiveJournal and am very dedicated to helping RPers.

    Let me know if there is a post detailing how to join the guest writing crew.

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