Posted by: Sean | August 16, 2008

Introducing Sean

Hello everyone, my name is Sean. I’m a World of Warcraft roleplayer, writer, and librarian. Currently I have two main characters for roleplay, a gnomish rogue with a sense of persistent panic and an undead warrior with delusions of grandeur.

I see roleplaying as a kind of theatre, a kind of performance. Everyone is playing to each other, and if we’re honest, we’re most playing for their approval and response. We’re trying to make them laugh at our jokes, feel for our characters in their tragedy or celebrate with them in their triumph. At its core, roleplay is a bit like stand-up comedy; a constant play to keep your audience onside, with the added complication that your audience is also playing to you. In a way, we’re all hecklers. It’s an uneasy blend of competition and co-operation, and that’s one of the themes I hope to express on this blog.

Hope you enjoy reading it.


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